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Information for me and others about my studies in SDM @ MIT. See also MIT@Wikipedia.



Here is the list of courses I have taken so far

Mandatory courses:
Name 					Units                   Term		Lecturer
Human side of technology		12			January 	Katz
Product desing and development		12			Spring		Roemer/Whitney/Hale
Technology Strategy			6			Spring		Hunter
Innovation in Marketplace		6			Spring		Ariely/Hippel
Systems optimization 			6			Spring 		Simchi-Levi
Engineering Risk&Benefit Analysis       9			Spring 		Apostolakis
Thesis Seminar				6			Spring		Hale
Systems Engineering 			9			Summer		Frey
Financial/Managerial Accounting		12			Summer		Plasko
Operations management			9			Summer		Simchi-Levi
System Architecture			3			January		Crawley

Elective courses:
Name					Units			Term		Lecturer	
Disruptive technologies			9			Spring 		Utterback
Engineering Apollo			12			Spring 		Mindell
RFID					3			Spring 		Sharma
Air traffic policy seminar		9			Spring 		Weigel
System Dynamics				12			Summer		Lyneis
RDID-project				3			Summer 		Simchi-Levi

17 courses				141  units		GPA 4.744  (out of 5) 

I will take the following courses in the fall:

Mandatory courses:
Name					Units			Term		Lecturer	
Systems architecture			9			Fall		Crawley
System and project management		12			Fall		Weck/Lyneis

Elective courses:
Name					Units			Term		Lecturer	

Thesis					24			Fall		Crawley

20 courses				186  units		GPA 

A normal Master of Science-degree in MIT requires 66 units. So, by the end of the 2nd term (after 7.5 months) I already had taken more courses than required for two master's.

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