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Restaurants visited

"To visit a restaurant every week " — not counting lunches

May 2007

  1. 25/05/07 Dong bei hu with Olli, Tarmo, Maritta, Jaska, Tanja and S — Xinjiang mutton, broccoli with garlic, eggplant, some pork, boiled fish

April 2007

  1. 26/04/07 Juttutupa with Olli, Jukka, Lauri and Mika — Capri pizza
  2. 14/04/07 Dong bei hu with Mikko, Markus and Toni — Xinjiang mutton, broccoli with garlic, eggplant, Xinxiang mutton, boiled fish

March 2007

  1. 10/03/07 Hotel Lapuanhovi with windmill freaks — fish and potato casserole.
  2. 08/03/07 Zetor with Olli, Tapio, Mikael and Lauri — Garlic herring, reindeer liver paté, roe foam, gravad white fish, reindeer carpaccio and marinated garlic cloves, fried vendance, mashed potatoes and beetroot.
  3. 01/03/07 Pizzeria Pompeii with Tuula and S — pizza napoletana

February 2007

  1. 24/02/07 Dong bei hu with Mother, Make and S — Xinjiang mutton, broccoli with garlic, stewed eggplant, meat dumblings, shredded pork with chili
  2. 17/02/07 Kok Thai with S — chicken salad, red curry chicken, etc.
  3. 12/02/07 Mecca with S and collegues —cep cocktail with smoked eggplant froth and cinnamon spiced apples; cod marinated lightly with ginger, vegetables and Tom Yam jus
  4. 06/02/07 Juttutupa with Make, Kössi, Pekka, Aaro, Tapio and S — fried vendace, mashed potatoes, lingonberries
  5. 03/02/07 Dong bei hu with Make and S — Xinjiang mutton, broccoli with garlic, stewed eggplant, spicy giant shripms.

January 2007

  1. 28/01/07 Express China with S — ma po tofu
  2. 23/01/07 Dong Bei Hu with S, Tuula, Kössi and Marianne
  3. 22/01/07 Lasipalatsi with colleagues — Black chanterelle soup ; Broiled whitefish served with a Lapland potato and crayfish pastry and crayfish sauce; White chocolate pastry served with cloudberry soup
  4. 20/01/07 Kok Thai with S — vegetable and tofu green curry
  5. 13/01/07 Weeruska with S — fried vendace
  6. 06/01/07 Salve with S — fried Baltic herrings

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